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Labor's latest Scoresby failure short-changes Victoria.

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CHRIS PEARCE MP Federal Member for Aston

Media Release


The Bracks Government’s announcement of a $1.7 billion war chest “rubbed salt into the wounds” of the people of the Scoresby Corridor, Aston MP Chris Pearce said today.

Mr Pearce said that the existence of the war chest highlighted the betrayal of the Bracks Government’s backflip on the Scoresby Freeway.

“The Bracks Government cried poor on the Scoresby, but now has a fund with more than enough to pay for its share. Labor’s betrayal of the people of the Scoresby Corridor is clearly set to continue”, Mr Pearce said.

Mr Pearce said that the Bracks Government’s refusal to use any of the funds for the freeway again demonstrated their commitment to short-changing the people of the Scoresby Corridor.

“This war chest is reportedly earmarked for economic development, but the Bracks Government is ignoring the significant economic boost that the Scoresby Freeway would deliver”, Mr Pearce said.

Mr Pearce said the construction of the freeway without tolls would generate a $5 billion boost for the Victorian economy.

“The Bracks Government should reverse its Scoresby backflip - not just to honour a commitment to the people of the Scoresby Corridor, but because it would deliver the economic boost that Victoria needs”, Mr Pearce said.

30 March 2004

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