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Gillard and Abbott in race to the bottom of the quarry.

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Christine Milne  Australian Greens 


Gillard and Abbott in race to the bottom of the quarry

Media Release | Spokesperson Christine Milne

Tuesday 17th August 2010, 4:09pm



• Climate Change & the Zero Carbon World

Prime Minister Gillard and Tony Abbott are in a race to the bottom of the quarry, leaving the Australian

Greens as the only choice for voters concerned about climate change.

The Prime Minister campaigned at a coal mine today while Mr Abbott, at he National Press Club, ruled out

introducing a price on carbon.

"It is increasingly clear that neither Julia Gillard nor Tony Abbott can see the renewable energy future for

the coal dust in their eyes," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"Julia Gillard is taking a leaf from Kevin Rudd's book. The day his worse than useless emissions trading

scheme was introduced into the parliament, Mr Rudd was in the Hunter Valley turning the first sod on a

new coal railway.

"Now, as the election campaign comes to a close, Julia Gillard is holding a photo opportunity at a coal


"Meanwhile, at the National Press Club, Tony Abbott was ruling out introducing a carbon price, saying he

thought 'the best carbon price faced by the community would be zero'.

"This campaign is a race to the bottom of the quarry.

"It is increasingly evident that neither the Prime Minister nor Mr Abbott has the courage to do what is

needed on climate change.

"This is why the community needs more Greens in parliament, and in balance of power in the Senate, to be

the strongest possible voice for action on climate change.

"The only option for Australians who want serious action to tackle the climate crisis is to vote 1 Greens on