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Pennant Hills Road widening completed

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News Release Hon. Laurie Brereton MP Minister for Transport ♦ Minister for Industrial RelationsT49/95 13 July 1995P E N N A N T H IL L S RO AD W ID E N IN G C O M P L E T E DThe New South Wales road transport industry and commuters in Sydney’s North and North-West will find travelling easier with completion of the latest stage in the reconstruction of Pennant Hills Road. The Federal Minister for Transport. Laurie Brereton, and the New South Wales Minister for Roads, Michael Knight, announced today that the final sealing work would be completed tomorrow (Friday) night, signifying the end of years of extensive work.The $80 million project was funded by the Federal Government and involved the construction of two extra lanes on a three-kilometre section of the road between Boundary Road at Pennant Hills and Mahers Road at Beccroft, and the complete redesign of an interchange involving construction of a tunnel at Thompsons Corner.M r Brereton said the extra lanes, bus bays and turning lanes, had cut daily traffic congestion on Pennant Hills Road between Beecroft and Pennant Hills.‘The w idening of Pennant Hills Road has improved road safety and travel times for motorists as each section of the road was completed,* Mr Brereton said. Tomorrow night, a significant part of the overall project, Beecroft Road south, will be resurfaced.‘Pennant Hills Road is an integral part of the Sydney road network, linking major industrial areas around Liverpool with Sydney’s North and North-West,’ Mr Brereton said. ‘The completion of this reconstruction work provides a high quality road from Beecroft through to the F3 at Wahroonga.‘This will bring substantial benefits not only to thousands of commuters who cross the city' every day, but the freight industry will make savings in running costs and improved productivity,’ Mr Brereton said.M r Knight said the work would create better traffic flow, which would provide immediate benefits for the environment. Vehicle emissions would be reduced through less travelling time and the design o f a high quality road surface will play a significant role in lowering noise levels,’ Mr Knight said.‘Commuters will no longer have an excuse for using local streets to avoid bottlenecks and this will improve the quality of life for families w ho liv e in this area. The drone of vehicles sitting in traffic and the bumps and rattles that come from heavy vehicles late at night will also be reduced for residents, due to this new asphalt road surface.‘At the moment, many of the noise walls look bare and barren, but over the coming months extensive landscaping w ill be carried out using hundreds of nativ e plants and trees. These will provide a pleasant environment for the people who live along this important roadway,’ Mr Knight said.The new section of road will be resurfaced in September when the w armer weather conditions wall ensure the final layer of asphalt sticks to the strong base that has already been laid. This asphalting work will be conducted at night over a two-week period to minimise traffic disruption.* * * * * * *Media inquiries:Mr Brereton’s office: Mr Knight’s office:Sharon McCrohan 06 277 7320 Andrew Woodward 02 22S 4244 (vv)041 920 2317 (m)