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More results from equine influenza tests.

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The Hon. Tony Burke MP Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

More results from equine influenza tests

26 September 2008 DAFF08/128B

Additional tests taken from horses at the Eastern Creek Quarantine Facility have returned a negative reading, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke said this morning.

Swabs from all 74 horses which were sent to the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong have returned an initial negative result this morning and results from a second test on the swabs should be known soon.

Blood samples from all 74 horses are also being tested, to provide a final level of assurance on whether horse flu can be ruled out. These results could be known tonight.

The Geelong laboratory also conducted further tests on the initial five swabs taken from all 74 horses during strict quarantine processes and these also returned negative results for all horses.

Last night, a separate set of swabs sent to the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute near Camden also returned a negative reading.

“The results seem to increasingly suggest equine influenza may not be present, but we will remain cautious until the results of all these additional tests are known,” Mr Burke said.