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Full-fee degree too much for Nelson.

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Michael Organ MP

Greens Member for Cunningham

***** MEDIA RELEASE ***** 23 May 2003


Cunningham MP Michael Organ says Education Minister Brendan Nelson’s admission that he wouldn’t have been prepared to pay $135,000 for his medical degree clearly exposes the shaky foundations of the government higher education “reforms”.

“Dr. Nelson is reported as telling students in the National Museum of Australia’s Talkback Classroom yesterday that it wouldn’t be fair to make students pay $135,000 for a university medical degree”, Mr. Organ said.

“But that’s exactly what his planned introduction of full-fee places will do.”

“It is two-faced of this Minister to refuse to pay the very fees he now seeks to impose on students and their families.”

“It shows just how ill-thought out these so-called “reforms” are”, Mr. Organ said.

“If the Minister is unwilling to pay, and tells secondary school students the fees would be unfair, how can he possibly try to impose this burden on the doctors, lawyers, dentists, vets and scientists of the future”, Mr. Organ added.

“It’s just another example of the Howard government’s double standards.”

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***** MEDIA RELEASE *****