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POR PRESS : -A former Air Vice Marshal of - the. Royal Air Force has

been appointed commandant of the Commonwealth Civil Defenoe School

at Mt Macedon in Victoria.

The Minister for the Interior, Mr Peter Nixon, said

today that Air Vice Marshal W. Carter, wh o

. retired from the RAP

last year and was now living in Perth, would take up his duties

on February 10.

He would succeed Air. CommodoreE.G. Knox--Knight .the

present commandant who established the school in July 1955.

Mr Nixon said Air Vice Marshal Carter would be responsible

for the operation of the Mt Macedon School and the conduct of

courses and examinations in' all aspects of civil defence, including the training of key personnel for " State '°'and°-Qommonwealth departments,

industry and commerce-.

He would help plan and develop Australia's national

Q - ' -^- d^ e "age- t-raini g p91j9y ?d prQ ratnm@,

Air Vice Marshal Carter had extensive experience in the

organisation and implementing of training programmes, Mr Nixon said.

He was senior RAP director: -and -later comrnandan t of the Joint Services Coll@fie, officer commanding a major RAF £lying -training school, chief instructor of an operational training unit and held a number

of pests in command and on the staff, including-air adviser to the Lebaneae' Government. His last appointment in the RAF was Air Officer

hdni nistration, Bomber Commnd, - where he was responsible for 18,000

Olarvtd0 and oivili per'so -eii

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During his service he worked closely with civil

defence authorities in the United Kingdom and was Air Officer

Cor=nanding the N0.1 Civil Defence Region in conjunction with

civil and service authorities, was military secretary of the committee which undertook the initial study of the defence of the

IlK against nuclear attack, and was secretary of the UK Government

Committee for stockpiling for .nuclear war and the UK Ministerial

and Official Committees for Civil Defence,

Air Vice Marshal Carter was a bomber pilot during

World War 11,

Mr Nixon paid tribute to the work of the retiring commandant, Air Commodore Knox-Knight, the commander of the

NO.10 Flying Boat Squadron in England during World War 11; who

opened the school on July ,20, 1955,

Air Commodore Knox-Knight had developed the school, to

the stage where it was today responsible for the training of all

key civil defence personnel 'in the Commonwealth.

Laot Year 31 warIGn ,' r oue,•- ambula? q@ and f -ar aid, welfare scientific, signals and industrial courses in civil defence were 'conducted at the school.

9 January 1969