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The Minister for . the Interior, Mr Peter Nixon, said today that he had accepted, with regret, the resignation of

the eight elected members of the A.C.I. Advisory Council.

He said:

'Election of new representatives for the remainder of the term of the present Council is not possible under the


The reason for this is to avoid a position

where a Minister could dismiss a Council or call for

elections at whim, or alternatively, the Council could

resign and call for elections at any time when their advice was not accepted. The three year term of the

Council is designed to provide stability in its role of

advising the Minis :'_i ^.

I have the power to appoint replacements to form an interim Council. But irrespective of the calibre of the people chosen I am sure that they would be regarded

at this point of time, as an unsatisfactory alternative

to an elected body.

However, there will be available the opportunity

for former elected members to accept appointment for the

balance of the term if all or any of them so desire. I have asked them to let me know, now or later, if they

would like to serve again on Council.

The elected members of the Advisory Council served

on several boards and organisations. I ^}n very sorry therefore, that in addition to my losingaadvice of their

representatives}the people of Canberra are deprived of.a voice on the Hospital Board, the Electricity Authority,

the Road Safety Council and other such organisations.

During whatever period that I do not have advice

from a Council I shall seek comment and criticism of proposed

Ordinances as appropriate from organisations.which would include the Law Society, the Bar Association, the Chamber of Commerce and trade and professional groups."

14 April 1969