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(Statement by the Minister for 77 the Interior,M:Mr Peter Nixon)

Four of the world's top weather experts---represen i,ing 132 States. and Territories-will meet in Melbourne from February 27 to March 3 at the invitation of the Federal Government,

They form the Bureau of the World Meteorological Organisation,a specialised agency of the United Nations.

The Minister for the Inter ior,Mr Peter Nixon, Said today that the introduction of the World Weather Watch Plan would be a major topic at the talks.

Melbourne's VHJO centre and its sister centres in Moscow and Washington were now being 'worked up" to begin a rapid exchange of data between countries of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Mr Nixon said the talks would also cover recent advances in satellite meteorology,meteorological rocketry, plans to develop an operational system of constant level balloons in the southern €.emispbere, and new proposals for

scientific and technical training of people in developing areas.

The Bureau party would be 1 by its president since 1963,Dr A.Nyberg,of Sweden.0 hers were the three vice-presidents---also directors of their national meteorological services.

They were Mr ; . J. Gibbs , Col. monwealth Director of I:ieteorology since 1962, Academician Fedorov,chief of the USSR's Hydrorameteorological Service since 1962,and the Director of the Nigerian Meteorological Service,Ttlr N.A.

Akingbeftin.Assisting them .-!ould be the Secretary-General of V si0,11r D.A.Davies,

Mr Nixon said the party would reach Sydney on

February 25 and visit Canberra the following day where the Governor General ,Lord Cas a:y, would receive them.

..000,. 4/2/69.