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(Statement by the Minister for the 42

Interior,Mir Peter Nixon)

A second cornputer,costing $1.3 million,will be installed an the `.World Me teorological Centre in Melbourne nex t month.

Announcinu, this today, the Minister for the Interior, Mr Peter Nixon, said that the computer -after a series of

exhaustive acceptance tests--was expected to become operational before the end of June.

The new unit,an IBM 360 model 65,would be used mainly

as a back-up to the first computer in the event of a

breakdown and during ;;_ p eriods of maintenance.

Mr Nixon said the second unit would be used also for

research in developing new techniques,particularly in the quest for better mather^iatica1 models of the atmosphere for

analysis and prognosis..

The centre's first com 1puuer,a lso an IBM 360/65 was installed at a cost of $1.97 million in June last year and had been used experimentally to produce meteorological analysts and predictions, including the drawing of current

synpptic weather charts, Mr Nixon said installation of the second unit would make the Bureau of Meteorology's computer complex one of the largest in Australia.

\Uhen both units became fully operational they would be used to prepare weather charts for the Australian region and later for the whole of the Southern Hemisphere.

He said this would be another step in implementing Yo ld !eather Watch---the gathering of weather data from

na tional and regional centres,processing it by computers and exchanging it between the three 1 1riv+Cs-in Melbourne, Moscow and WEsh.ington-to give meteorologists a complete

picture of the world's _ weather several times a day.. ...000....