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Howard unmoved but not unmoveable.

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Senator Ursula Stephens


February 17, 2003


Ordinary Australians who demonstrated against war in Iraq on the weekend are

finding John Howard’s response that he is ‘unmoved’ as arrogant and outrageous,

NSW Senator Ursula Stephens said today.

“In communities all over NSW, people joined in protest against Australia's

involvement in a war against Iraq without the sanction of the United Nations.” Senator

Stephens said.

“While the focus has been the marches in the major cities, there were also strong

protests in regional communities.

“I attended the Goulburn rally, where a groundswell of opinion against the war in Iraq

continues to grow. Protests in Armidale, Bellingen, Bega, Bateman’s Bay, Bathurst,

Newcastle and Wagga Wagga, added thousands more voices to the anti-war

movement” said Senator Stephens.

“The message from the weekend’s protests is that the Australian people expect the

Prime Minister to listen and act in the best interests of all Australians, rather than

blindly following the actions of George W Bush”

Senator Stephens said Australians want a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi crisis, and

this can be achieved within the framework of a United Nations resolution.

“The Prime Minister says he is unmovable on this issue. Australian voters will not

forget his intransigence” Senator Stephens said.

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