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Gillard's lip service won't address future water needs.

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Senator Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Infrastructure and Water

Media Release

Gillard’s lip service won’t address future water needs 15-July-2010 Source: Senator Barnaby Joyce- Increasing demands will be put on Australia’s water resources and infrastructure as our population grows and the Rudd/Gillard Government still has no plans to deal with this, Coalition spokesman for Population Policy, Senator Cory Bernardi, and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Water, Senator Barnaby Joyce, said today.

The Water Services Association’s report, released this week, assesses Australia’s future water requirements that are needed to meet population growth over the next 50 years.

“The Coalition has had very real concerns for some time about the Rudd/Gillard Government’s lack of policy and detail on issues of sustainability, population and infrastructure,” Senator Bernardi said. “Labor, through its migration policies, set Australia on the path to a population of 43.9 million by 2050 - a doubling of our population in the next 40 years.

“Julia Gillard has paid lip service against a ‘big Australia’ but she needs to detail how she will reduce our migration intake and what plans she has for Australia’s future infrastructure needs. “Her population rhetoric smacks of political opportunism. Her words mean nothing if they are not backed up by policy.

“The report on Australia’s future water needs highlights the challenges for the Rudd/Gillard Government - how does Ms Gillard plan to provide over 1000 billion litres of water for our future population when she doesn’t even have a population policy?”

“The Labor Party has squandered the money we had, borrowed money we didn’t need and has completely lost sight of the vital infrastructure required to deal with population growth,” said Senator Joyce.

“The reality will be a blow-out in the cost of living as inadequate planning fails a growing population. “The Coalition will deal in infrastructure that delivers a lower cost of living and real nation building.

The Labor Party has become an expert in delivering expensive trinkets.”