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Transcript of doorstop: Frankston foreshore: Saturday, 20 December 2008. Garnaut criticism of the Government's White Paper; whaling; Otama submarine project.

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THE HON GREG HUNT MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water Member for Flinders




Topics: Garnaut criticism of the Government’s White Paper, Whaling, Otama submarine project


JOURNALIST Greg Hunt, firstly, what do you say to Ross Garnaut's comments this morning?

GREG HUNT Ross Garnaut has shown that Kevin Rudd raised false expectations. He knew he was raising false expectations. He misled the Australian public and he should come clean and say that he misled the Australian public.

JOURNALIST In what way?

GREG HUNT He promised the world and delivered a feather. Ultimately when it comes to climate change he's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy who knew that he was making promises he could never keep.

JOURNALIST Does the Opposition though support a 25 per cent cut in emissions as Ross Garnaut is proposing?

GREG HUNT We'll set our targets through the independent Pearce Review process. But right now the focus is on Kevin Rudd having promised the world, delivered a feather, been exposed as a fraud. He never intended to keep his promises and he went to the election on a deliberate deception.

JOURNALIST Well how can you criticise the Government though if the Opposition has got no target of its own?

GREG HUNT There's a duty of honesty and what we've seen here is clear, deliberate deception and dishonesty from somebody who knew that he couldn't meet the promises he made, who's


been exposed as having made false promises, and now it's time to work towards practical action. And that's what we're doing. We have a solar continent vision and a soil carbon vision. He has a false promise and a tax which is going to send jobs and emissions offshore to China where global emissions will go up.

JOURNALIST Just on the compensation issue, I mean Ross Garnaut, or the Government's talking about $3.9 billion in compensation. Is that sort of figure justified?

GREG HUNT Well again, we'll use the Pearce Review to carefully consider the White Paper. Our concerns are focused around sending jobs and emissions offshore to China and therefore sending global emissions up. But at the end of the day, Mr Rudd set false expectations. He's been exposed as having set false expectations and he should come clean and acknowledge that he went to the election on a clear deception.

JOURNALIST Should there be compensation though for industries like electricity and steel and chemicals and so on?

GREG HUNT We've always said that we need to start this in a way which is not going to drive jobs and emissions offshore to China and that's what we'll consider as part of the Pearce Review.

(Additional comments provided on the proposed Otama submarine project near Hastings on Mornington Peninsula in Victoria)

GREG HUNT Mr Garrett should step in to save our submarine. The Hastings submarine is at an environmental risk. It should be saved. It’s a great boon for the people of the Mornington Peninsula and Victoria. To lose the submarine would firstly be a tragedy for the local people. Secondly, inaction is an environmental risk. Mr Garrett should step in, save our submarine, and stop the Victorian Government’s bureaucratic nightmare.

(Additional comments in relation to whaling)

GREG HUNT Stephen Smith has waved the white flag on whales in Japan. Instead of taking a strong stance, he’s apologised, he’s wrung his hands, he’s walked away from their commitment to international action. At the end of the day, Stephen Smith and the Government have waved the white flag on whaling, face to face, when they confronted Japan.