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Business and residential sites will be sold during

a series of auction sales at the Canberra Theatre Centre between

November 29 and December 10, the Minister for the Interior,

Mr Peter Nixon, said today.

Included in the sale of business leases were 33 sites

on which 230 flats would be built. These were located in five Woden Valley suburbs, at Hackett and Aranda. An additional site for flats at Chifley would be sold but there was no restriction on the number of units to be erected, only that

the floor area could not exceed 8,000 square feet.

The sale of business leases to be held on Friday,'

November 29, included two riding school and livery stable

leases at Watson near the drive-in-theatre and on the Cotter

Road near the Yarralumla Wool Shed.

The first da;; nursery to be made available in the

Belconnen area would be offered in addition to four shop sites

and a service station at Page.

Ilir Nixon said that 282 residential leases would be offered over five days of sales beginning on Monday, Decaaber.'2.

One hundred and forty five restricted blocks would be sold at Aranda,- Page, Cook, Scullin, Mawson, Torrens and Farrer and

137.unrestricted blocks at Aranda, Scullin, Page, Cook, Torrens, Pearce, Maison and Farrer.

Details of the sales were :--

Friday, No vember _29 Shops -- four sites at Page.

Service station - one site at Page.

• Day Nursery - one site at Aranda.

Squash Courts - one site at Phillip.

Riding School and Livery Stables - one site at Watson and • another in the Canberra City district,

Residential Unit Sites at Curtin, Chifley, Pearce, Parrer, Garran, Aranda and Hackett.

Residential blocks in groups - 200 sites in Higgins, Page, • Scullin and Cook.


Mond ecember 2

61 residential sites at restricted auction at Aranda,

Pa e avid Cook,

Tuesday, December

52 residential blocks at restricted auction at Cook,

Scullin, Torrens and Mawson.

Friday, December 6

32 residential sites at restricted auction at Farrer.

33 residential sites at Open Auction at Scullin, Page

and Cook.

Monda December o

47 residential blocks at open auction at Lranda, Torrens

and Pearce.

Tuesda Decembe r 10 57 residential blocks at open auction at Pearce, Mawson

and Farrer.

30 October 1968