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FOR PRESS (Statement by the Minister for 543

the Interior,Mr Peter Nixon)

Darwin today.- Economic growth of the Northern Territory

was reaching new heights in many fields of development,the

Minister for the Interior,Mr Peter Nixon, said today.

'There is expansion on all sides..a refreshing energy

and drive that is doing so much for the North, he said.

"i is one of the most exciting and progressive eras

in the Territory's history.

Gold production in the Territory for Marchtthis year

to Ualld 13,520 fine ounces, or 17.1% of the Australian


Mr Nixon said building worthy $20,443,000 had been

app_=:roved in the first half of this year---or $347,000 more

than in the whole of last year.

The value of all new private buildings a^J rroved in

the first six months this year T y ra as $;8, 557, 000.This included

$3,671,000 for houses and flats, or a rise of $541,000 on

the whole of last year.

Mr Nixon said savings banks' deposits in May this

year stood. at $13,929,000 or almost double the 1963 figure.

They represented an average deposit of $229.7 or nearly

$19 a head rise in 11 months.

Registration of new motor vehicles continued to climb

..563 for the first quarter of this year, or 105 more than

in the same i eriod last year.Total motor vehicle registrat-ions in the North at the end of last year stood at 17,865

or 2,120 u on the 1966 figure.



Products worth $15, 595,000 were shipped direct

overseas from the Territor y in the 10 months to April this

year,he said, or more than double the 1965/66 figured

•• 9/8/689