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P HESS (Statement by , the Minister for the In ,er or, !ir Teter Nixon) 660

• e. e•••• a e a S O a•.

Th.e Minister for the Interior,l r Peter ilixon,announ-

ced that the Commonwealth had bought the recently completed office building known as Cromwell Building at the corner of

Bourke and Elizabeth Streets,Melbourne.

The 16-storey building had been bought- from S.L.B.

Properties Pty Ltd for $4.7 million.

Mr Nixon said the purchase would make about 112,000 square feet _ of of .z ice space available to Commonwealth departments.

This space was needed urgently as there was no other suitable area available in Commonwealth-owned buildins in


Mr Nixon said use of the 'building would avoid the

necessity of leasing a similar amount of space in privately-orrnec buildings.

,.5o0o... 20/9/58.