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(Statement by the Minister for the Interior,Mr Peter Nixon) 744

Twenty-threls countries will study he use of data from meteorological satellites at an international seminar in Melbourne from November 25 to December 6.

The Minister ter for the Inte rior,'Llr Peter Nixon, said today that delegates would include a nu i^lber from the Middle

Eas t,As ian and South--, -; estU -Pacific regions.

Seven international experts from the United States,

the Soviet Union, France and Australia would act as


He said .\ustrali a' s expert woulc? be Mr George

Rutherford--in charge of the Bureau of Meteorology's Central

Analysis Office-who was _ consultant at a similar se minar in

Tokyo several years ago.

The Commonwealth Government had agreed to host the

two---reek seminar when the World Meteorological Organisation

sponsored it under its technical assistance program.

Mr Nixon said the seminar was designed to train meteorologists of the various countries in interpreting

and using data from weather satellites.

He would open it at 11am on Teo ve'ffber 25 in_ the newly--

completed National Science Centre,Parkville--built as a memorial to the late Sir Ian Ciunie s cos =, a former chairian of the CS.I. .0.

...000... 21/10/63.