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Press statement

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The Minister for the Interior, Mr P.J. Nixon announced

today he had approved the sho= •din; of films in Canberra Theatres alter 12430 p.m. on Sundays.

At present the showing of films was allowed only after 8.00 p.m. on Sunday.

He said the Theatres and Public Halls Ordinance would

be amended as soon as possible to make Sunday afternoon screenings permissable.

Mr Nixon said he had also approved amendment of the

Ordinance to allow entertainments of a charitable, religious,

educational, cultural or sporting nature to be staged on Sunday afternoons.

This would allow organisations such as the Canberra

Theatre Trust, Repertory :,.nd others to arrange such entertainment

without the need for special approval, as rectuired at present.

Mr Nixon said that the A.C.T. Advisory Council had

unanimously agreed on the introduction of Sunday 'afternoon films

in Canberra Theatres.

The Department of the Interior had ;mitten to 18

Canberra Church groups inviting them to submit Their viev;s on

the proposal. Of these only one objected to any chance being made.

10 October 1968