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(Statement by the Minister for the

Interior , coe Hon.P,J.Nixon)

The Minister for the Interior;Mr Peter Nixon, today announced that there was more than 8000 million gallons of water in the three Canberra ,Mater storage dams on the Cotter River.

This was double the amount in storage last spring and more than a normsl years supply, he said.

With an increased population,water consumption this year could be expected to reach 40 million_ gallons a day during the summer period of maximum demand.

Even on this estimate,which would be-attained only on a few days of summer, there was not likely to be any shortage of water.

Mr Nixon said the state of the storages was:

Cotter Pam - 1037 million gallons and flowing one inch over the spillway;

Bendora Dam - 2380 million gallons and f to;;, ring four inches over the spillway; Corin Dam -- 4776 million gallons,more than one--quarber filled.

The Cotter River was flowing at a rate of 70 million

gallons a day into the storages.Of this 55 million gallons were going into Corin Dare.

Mr Nixon said the inter-departmental committee on water use,set up during the drought last summer,was still keeping a watch on the water supply I osition.

The Bendora pipeline,wh .ich was damaged recently durir testing operations when a valve jammed,eras not in use and Canberra water was 'being pumped from the Cotter Dam.

Repairs were being made to the pipeline, he said sand

it ws expected they would be completed by the end of the month.

.Q.00o..... 17/9/68.