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Press statement

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P' 1LSS .

(Statement by , the Minister for

the Intorior, y ir Peter Nixon)

A beef road and -nine bridges costing an estimate^-

$5.2 million would be built from Anthony's Lagoon to

Bor oloola in the Northern Ter r itory with funds provided

unde - the Federal Budget, the minister for the Interior,Mr

Peter Nixon,announced today.

kAr Nixon said work would start in 1968/69 but tenders

for the first 69 miles of bitumen seal between Cape

Crawford and Bor_ : oloola and he building of all

bridges had been invited already by the Dept of Works.

The Anthony's Lagoon-Bor r oloola road_ was part of a

network of three beef roads in the Western Barkly Table-lands ap; roved by t he Government in October,1966 .

Mr Nixon said the other two roads in the network had

been star-bed and building was well advanced.

The Anthony's Lagoon-Bor__--oloola Poad--162 miles long

----would replace a pastoral road that was impassable in

the wet and needed four-wheel drive vehicles on some

sections in the d r y.

Of about 25 pastoral properties in the Western

Barkly Tablelands,some were well developed and others

virtually unimproved..

Mr Nixon said they carried 170,000 head of cattle,

with a turnoff of about 26,000.But roads to the properti

plus modern techniques of pasture and land improvement

were exp p ec-ued to boost cattle figures to about 300,000

and turnoff to more than 55,000 over the next 15 years.

Most of the cattle burned of_ were expected to be

rxaigt -trucked to the Katherine and Darwin districts for slaughter and ex ort, h.e said. August 23, 1968