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Expect more attacks until we get money out of politics: Greens

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26 November 2019 Australia will continue to be vulnerable to attacks on our democracy from foreign countries until we tackle the corrosive influence of big political donations on our politics, said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale.

”We will continue to see other countries, and indeed wealthy individuals and corporations, attempt to subvert our democracy to suit their own narrow interests until we deal with the corrupting influence of big money in our politics,” Di Natale said.

”It’s no surprise that the Coalition and the Labor Party want to do anything to tackle foreign influence except tackle political donations, because they are addicted to the money.

“The fact is that if we banned political donations and introduced election spending caps, then no foreign entity or vested interest would be able to buy their way into Parliament,” Di Natale said.

“The additional safeguards against foreign interference supported by both major parties will fail unless real action is also taken on donations reform,” said Greens Democracy Spokesperson Sen Larissa Waters.

“It’s time for Labor and the Coalition to join the Greens in calling for banning political donations from all big for-profit corporates and foreign entities so no one - not Clive Palmer and no foreign government - has more influence on Australia’s democracy than our citizens do.”

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