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Mark Vaile in Tamworth to talk about health, tax plans.

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MARK VAILE ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Phone: +61 2 6277 7680

Deputy Prime Minister Leader of The Nationals

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mark Vaile in Tamworth to talk about health, tax plans

The Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of The Nationals, Mark Vaile, will be in Tamworth on Friday 2 November to campaign with The Nationals' candidate for New England, Phil Betts.

"Phil Betts will be a great local champion for New England, because he has a strong plan to get more things done for the region. He's a member of The Nationals team, so he'll be able to get results in Canberra," Mr Vaile said.

"Phil Betts and I will be making an important announcement in Tamworth tomorrow that will improve health services for Tamworth residents.

"Our announcement will build on the Coalition's plan to train more doctors, nurses and medical specialists, which we announced yesterday. As a result of our plan, there will be an extra 150 doctors working in rural and regional practices across Australia, including in New England.

"The Nationals in Coalition will fund home visits by general practice nurses to older Australians, veterans and war widows and widowers. The visits will help support these Australians to live in their own homes, and will save them the difficulty of getting to a doctor for routine services like immunisations or chronic disease management.

"More than 20,900 New England residents, including some 5,300 people in Tamworth itself, will be eligible to receive home visits.

"The Nationals in Coalition also have a plan to appoint local hospital boards to replace the state bureaucrats and politicians who are now running the public hospital system into the ground.

"During my visit to Tamworth, I'll be talking about the Coalition's plan to help families and reward hard work by reducing taxes. As a result of our tax cuts, a Tamworth resident earning $45,000 will save $20 per week in tax from 1 July 2008, rising to more than $34 per week from 1 July 2010.

"I'll be explaining how families will be able to use these tax cuts to pay off their mortgage faster. Let's take a Tamworth family who are borrowing to buy a typical first home this month. If they add just $20 per week of their tax savings to their mortgage repayments, they will save more than $41,200 in interest and pay off their mortgage 3 years and 4 months early," Mr Vaile said.

Media contact: Tanya Cleary 0418 615 280 (travelling with the DPM)