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Worm shows Howard's fear factor failing.

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DEMOCRATS MEDIA 04/906 TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2004 SENATOR BRIAN GREIG AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS ATTORNEY GENERAL & JUSTICE SPOKESPERSON Worm Shows Howard’s Fear Factor Failing The debate between the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader on Sunday night showed that the Government’s approach to terrorism is not resonating with electors. Australian Democrats Attorney General and Justice Spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says John Howard’s tactic of stirring up fears in order to render the electorate more malleable, as he did over the Tampa issue, will not work again. "We are not down-playing the seriousness of terrorism, nor the gravity of the bombing in Indonesia, but if the Prime Minister is hoping to grab the electorate’s attention and support by creating fear and insecurity following these international events, he will be disappointed,” Senator Greig said. "The worm turned against the Prime Minister whenever he deployed this tactic throughout the debate and so too will the electorate at large." Senator Greig says the electorate appears to be better prepared this time around for the Government’s ploy of escalating the fear factor in the hope of picking up support from electors not wishing to change government during a time of perceived crisis. "It is time we adopted a much broader definition of national security," Senator Greig said. "For too long the Government has been more concerned about wanting to be seen to be tough on terrorism, than making any serious attempt to tackle the root causes of terrorism." What last night's debate demonstrated is that voters are less inclined to be corralled into the Government’s cynical politics this time round. "There are only so many times you can play the fear card, before the voters see it coming," Senator Greig said. Media Contact - Di Graham - (08) 9228 3133 or 0417 177 523