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$3.958 million contract awarded to I.B.M Australia ltd

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Statement by the Minister for the Interior, The Hon. J.D. Anthony.

The Minister for the Interior, Mr. J.D. Anthony, announced today that I.B.M. Australia Ltd. has been awarded a ยง3.958 million contract for the supply of a computer system for the Bureau of Meteorology.

The first phase of the Bureau's computer system would be installed in the Operations Centre in Melbourne in 1968 and the second phase about a year later.

Mr. Anthony said the computer would be used for the preparation of daily weather bulletins, -monthly and seasonal

summaries and for the statistical treatment of meteorological data.

It would also be used to prepare weather maps for analysis

and prediction of both surface and upper air conditions, at first for the Australian region and eventually for the whole of the Southern Hemisphere.

He said manufacturers of computers and associated equipment both in Australia and overseas had been invited to tender for the computer.

Specifications for the computer were prepared after an inspection by Bureau specialists of computer complexes at

meteorological agencies in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., and after investigations of overseas experience and trends in computer and communications technology.

Mr. Anthony said there was a more vital need for a computer complex within the Bureau following Australia's acceptance of an

invitation to establish one of the World Weather Watch centres in


A computer was essential for the speedy handling of meteorological information from national and regional centres in the Southern Hemisphere and in exchanging this data with other world


He said there was no more appropriate area of operation for a computer than in a. meteorological service. The Bureau's many

routine operations could be carried out more effectively using a

computer, as was done with extensive computer systems in all major overseas meteorological services.

Mr. Anthony said fully operational real-time (day by day)

activity would require back-up or supplementary equipment which

would come in phase two when the second computer of the central

compleC was installed.

This would ensure necessary back-up for the operational system

plus a facility for major research and development projects, including those designed to improve progressively mathematical models used for analysis and prognosis.

CANB RA . ^ it . 13th. 1967 .