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Laws needed to protect people of faith

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For immediate release - 30 August 2019


Laws needed to protect people of faith The Morrison Liberal National Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill will protect the ability of people of faith to express their beliefs, according to Federal MP George Christensen.

“It is a sad state of affairs when we need to pass laws in parliament to protect the rights of people to express their religious beliefs in the various aspects of their lives,” Mr Christensen said.

“But this is the crossroads we are at, because of the actions of such zealots who would pursue a priest for speaking to his flock about the tenets of his faith.

“I am referring to the case of Catholic Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous who circulated a booklet about Catholic Church teaching on marriage to Catholic school students.

“For seeking to provide information on what his church teaches to students, he was hit with a formal discrimination complaint and was informed by the then head of Tasmania’s anti-discrimination ‘kangaroo court’ that he had a case to answer.

“This is wrong and amounts to government trying to silence the beliefs of its citizens.

“This is why these Federal laws are needed.

“Christians should be able to freely express their beliefs, and the teachings of Christ, the Church and the Gospel without fear of punishment by the state.

“Equally people of other faiths should also be able to express their beliefs, as long as it doesn’t incite violence.

“The draft Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 is now in the public arena and consultation is under way.

“You can find out more and make a submission at

Submissions close 5pm October 2.


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