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Tanya Day's family want the CCTV footage of her final hours in police custody to spur an end to Aboriginal deaths in custody

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Dear Press,

Today, the Victorian Coroner released harrowing CCTV footage of Tanya Day’s last conscious moments.

We fought for the release of this footage because Tanya's family want the world to see it. They want the footage to spur action to end Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Tanya Day deserved to be treated with dignity and care, but was instead ignored and left to die on the floor of a police cell.

When the Coroner agreed to release the footage this morning, Tanya’s family reminded the nation about the appalling circumstances of Tanya’s death and demanded accountability.

‘When you watch this harrowing footage, know that it is of a strong, proud and loving Yorta Yorta mother, grandmother, auntie and activist. Our mum died because Victoria Police targeted her for being drunk in public, and then failed to properly care for her after they locked her up in a tiny police cell. Imagine having to watch your mum die in this way, with nobody held responsible.’ - family of Tanya Day

The Day family have shown incredible strength throughout the coronial inquest. We are proud to work alongside them in the fight for systemic change.

Their formidable advocacy has already led to the Victorian Government committing to abolish the discriminatory offence of public drunkenness and replace it with an Aboriginal-led, public health response.

Throughout the inquest and beyond, we will keep pushing for accountability for deaths in custody and for recognition of the corrosive impact of systemic racism.

Thanks for standing with us in the fight for justice.

Ruth Barson Legal Director Human Rights Law Centre

P.S. You can read the family's full statement here.

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