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Howard would dishonour NSW Better Cities Agreement

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BH068/96 16 February 1996


"The current Queensland Better Cities Agreement, signed in January 1996, would have to be dishonoured if a Coalition Government was to deliver the cuts claimed by the Shadow Treasurer, Peter Costello, yesterday," the Minister for Housing and Regional Development, Brian Howe, said today. '*

"According to Peter Costello's announcements yesterday, $80million would be cut from the Better Cities program under a Coalition Government.

"The facts are that Agreements have been signed with four State Governments and the relevant Local Government Associations, Including the Queensland Government and the Queensland Local Government Association. In total this commits $180.6m. of the $200m; capital allowed for in the 1995/96 Budget.


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"Further expenditure to date and commitments signed, for funding for studies and research totals $6.5m. of the $36m. allowed for in the Budget.

"The Federal Labor Government's commitment of a further $80m. (Community and Nation), does not apply to a Coalition Government and would be lost.

"Therefore the Coalition has a shortfall of $31 m. In their calculations on Better Cities or they have decided to dishonour signed Agreements.

" If the Agreement is dishonoured, Queensland would miss out on $2.16 million in strategic planning money and Commonwealth capital Investment of $120.6 million in capital investment funds," Mr Howe said.

Mr Howe said that while the State would miss out on direct Commonwealth expenditure the multiplier effect (all Governments and private sector Investments) for Queensland would equal a loss of investments of between $300 million and $500 million the land use patterns around Kingsfoftf'Smllh Airport and the Port of Botany, their links with Sydney CBD, western Sydney and key industrial areas.

" The Better Cities Program has always been a partnership program based on co­ operation between Federal, State and Local governments - and where necessary the private and community sector.

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Mr Howe outlined the second phase of Better Cities projects In NSW which would be cut by a Howard - Coalition Government.

• FNQ Regional Environmental Strategy: The Commonwealth is to contribute $150,000 in 1095/96 to develop a comprehensive Regional Open Space Strategy which will address conservation as well as open space Issues.

? FNQ Integrated Transport Strategy: The Commonwealth is contributing $100,000 over two years to establish the framework for a comprehensive regional transport strategy.

? FNQ Affordable Housing Strategy: The Commonwealth will contribute $75,000 over two years to prepare a strategy to tackle the significant problem of housing affordability In Cairns. ·'

r Townsville Inner City and Port Strategy: The Commonwealth will contribute $300,000 over two years to prepare a strategy aimed at Improving the road and rail access to the Port of Townsville.

• Wide Bay Growth Management Strategy: The Commonwealth Is contributing $280,000 over two years to assist in the establishment a regional planning process similar to SEQ 2001.

.· : Caboolture-Meroochydore Corridor Growth Management Strategy: The ' Commonwealth Is contributing $300,000 over two years to address all relevant Issues relating to the improved rail public transport in this corridor, including supporting land uses and feeder transport.

• Brisbane Gateway Ports economic gateway: The Commonwealth is to contribute $400,000 over two years to look at ways to Increase Brisbane's competitiveness with a strategy relating to the land uses surrounding the airport and the land use/transportation opportunities In the corridor linking with the


• Beenlelgh Southern Gold Coast/Tweed Corridor: The Commonwealth will contribute $270,000 over two years to develop an integrated land use and transport strategy for this corridor.

Riverview Accees and Environmental Rehabilitation’. The Commonwealth will contribute $200,000 over two year^to the preparation of a strategic plan for urban renewal In the Inala-lpswich corridor.

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Andrew Casey, Brian Howe's office, phone; 018 487 581