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Katter chains himself to shovel in protest of protesters

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4 September 2019

Katter chains himself to shovel in protest of protesters AS anti-Adani protestors continue to cause chaos by shutting down cities and mine sites, KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter held a protest of his own kind today when he chained himself to a shovel, sending the message that while environmentalists chain themselves to stop work from happening, he’s chaining himself to his shovel to start work on the North-Queensland owned rail line.

In a video filmed beside a rail line just outside of Townsville today, Mr Katter, who was dressed in jeans and singlet, Akubra and steel caps muscled a move against the protestors with his shovel, chains and two protest signs reading “Lights for China India” and “Our Coal, Our Rail, Our Jobs.”

“We want North Queensland to own the rail line into the Galilee and not some foreign corporation,” he said.

“Our rail line will open up all of the Galilee not just a small part of it.

“This bloke, he’s chained himself to the drill rig so we can’t work. Well I’m chaining myself to the shovel so I have to work - for all of the Galilee, not one corporation.

“And this rail line will be owned by north Queensland.

“Give us the power, and we will give you the rail line.”

Mr Katter has been one of the only voices screaming for the railway line into the Galilee Basin to be a multi-user state-owned and built asset, not owned by Adani.

Mr Katter said, “Adani is essential, it is the gateway to the massive Indian market where 500 million people are without electricity.

“But whoever owns the railway line will control the Galilee, no question about that,” he said.


Note: Two videos have been supplied which show Mr Katter conducing his own protest and pointing out where the new rail line will be built.

Videos will be accessible by DropBox Links: