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Southside families to be hit hard by Liberals' childcare changes

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Southside Families to be Hit Hard by Liberals' childcare



April 26, 2018

Southside families are going to be hit hard by Mr Turnbull’s changes to childcare funding,

Terri Butler said.

“Over 2000 families in Griffith are going to be worse off under the new subsidy model,”

Terri Butler said.

“Under the Government’s package, families will have to satisfy a complex set of rules to

qualify for government assistance - with a work test and a means test set to hit

vulnerable families the worst. The work test will require families to satisfy minimum

levels of ‘approved activities’ each fortnight - which will knock thousands of low income

families out of the system.

“On top of that, every single family that accesses child care is going to be hit with a

hidden five per cent tax

“This is the latest in a long line of changes that Mr Turnbull and the Liberals have tried to

hide from Australian families.

“Amongst the chaos of this complicated new package, families are being asked to apply

to Centrelink to have their payments processed.

“This will add a further, unnecessary, layer of bureaucracy, as well as putting more

pressure on the already overwhelmed Centrelink.

“Griffith parents deserve better than these unfair changes,” Ms Butler said.