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Transcript of press conference: 31 October 2018: Graduate Outcomes Survey; Course Seeker website; ALP national policy platform and gender

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Minister for Education Dan Tehan press conference with Professor Mike Calford, ANU Provost and Acting Vice-Chancellor

SUBJECTS: Graduate Outcomes Survey, Course Seeker website, ALP national policy platform and gender

Dan Tehan: Thank you Mike. And, can I say, what a pleasure it is to be here at the ANU, and can I congratulate you for the job that the university has done in making sure that your graduates go on to meaningful employment, and also employment which rewards their effort. As we’ve seen today from this longitudinal study, those graduates who are studying at university are getting superior outcomes in terms of being able to find a job, hang onto those jobs. And, what is really pleasing is with the Government producing a strong economy - which has unemployment down to five per cent, youth unemployment down at record levels - that we are producing, also, real outcomes for those graduates who take the time to get a degree. And, not only that, but they’re getting good reward for effort in terms of their income.

Can I also say how pleasing it is to be here to launch the new website, which will help all those students who today are undertaking their VCE or their HSC, their final exams. This is an incredibly important time for those students. Most of them are doing their English exams today. But, what we want to make sure is, when they’ve come through that exam process, that they’ve got a very easy website to go to to be able to find out all the information they need, and they want, about courses. So, they can now go to for a one-stop shop on all course information. It might be the wonderful courses that are offered here at the ANU, or wonderful courses that are offered everywhere else. This is a really good, useful tool for all those students who are undertaking their final exams, as we speak, right here and now.

And, can I just make one other final comment. We’ve seen reports today that the Labor Party, if they came to Government, would try to get rid of gender. And, what this means, in a practical sense, is that they look like they want to get rid of women’s sport. Now, this is ridiculous. This is absurd. It lacks common sense. And, I think Bill Shorten needs to come out and clarify straight away whether he thinks that women’s sport has a future in this nation or not. Thank you very much for your time today.