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KAP President's Statement on Senator Fraser Anning

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25th October 2018


99% of what Senator Anning has been saying is solid gold.

However, there is 1% of what he is saying that is totally unacceptable.

I, as Party President made it perfectly clear, as did the Federal Leader, that inter alia there was to be no more use of words like ‘Europeans’ and ‘non-Europeans’. Clearly that is racist; clearly our policies are anti-racist.

This position was made perfectly clear again following a Bill that Senator Anning had drafted. He was unequivocally informed when the Party learnt of this Bill, that there would be extreme hostility if the Bill went forward using racial identification terminology. And that the Party would not accept future use of such language or such policies.

The Senator then came back with a press release, albeit for Party approval, that used the same racial language and purported to explain and defend the Bill. And, more importantly, its title.

Clearly his divide of ‘European’ and ‘non-European’ would prevent for example Sikhs and Filipinos coming to this country.

His Bill said the people should have the last say and that Australia’s policies should favour European migration. Both these things are true.

The Party considers it a great tragedy that the wonderful work Fraser has done to cut back the mass influx of people to this country has been damaged.

Hundreds of thousands are turning out now to the ACTU Rallys (which we support strongly) against inter alia the flood of Section 457 visas and the consequent Casualisation of the workforce. Our Party, especially represents mine workers who in the most dangerous of work (living away from home and most hostile environments ) have watched their wage structures halve and they will be halved again, as all wages in Australia will be cut by the current mass migration levels and its Casualisation, if nothing is done.

We backed to a man, Senator Anning 100% on his maiden speech. In spite of the Party never having used words like ‘European’ or ‘Muslim’, but we knew “what he was getting at”. The Party’s policy says that entry requirements should favour people who can integrate into our community.

Of the 640,000 people being brought into Australia every year, overwhelmingly they are from countries with: • no Democracy and/or • no Rule law and/or

• no Industrial Awards (pay and conditions) or proper worker representation and/or • no Judeo Christian spiritual belief systems (love your neighbour/make the world a better place) and/or • no Egalitarian traditions (mateship, all people are equal).

Our Party has fought aggressively to, for example, bring Sikh people to Australia and they tick all of these boxes, so do Europeans, but so do Filipinos.

Our Party’s policy is that if you are going to bring people in from the Middle East and North Africa then priority must be given to the persecuted minorities - the Christians, Jews and the Sikhs (84,000 murdered in one year).

The Party’s policy also says there should be no restrictions on entry upon our brother cousins - the Pacific Islanders.

But the Party cannot and will not have any representative from our executive, Members of Parliament, Senators or Candidates dividing Australia along racial ‘Europeans’ and ‘non-Europeans’ divides, which in fact destroys the message which was carried initially, so extremely well and laudably by Senator Fraser Anning.

In spite of the most severe and clear warnings, Senator Anning has continued down this pathway and consequently we announce the termination of his endorsement by the KAP.

Clearly Fraser wants the freedom to pursue his crusade. And we think it is best for he and the party to give him this freedom.


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