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Labor's laughable editing

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Labor’s laughable editing

It is necessary to correct the Labor Party’s latest laughable edit, deliberately quoting Agriculture Minister David Littleproud out of context.

The Labor Party has claimed in a media release that Minister Littleproud said a transition from the live sheep trade was possible.

What it left out was that Minister Littleproud said it was “a possibility” if other countries in the Middle East and Asia upgraded refrigeration “but as this stage that’s decades away”. Here is what was actually said:

Byner: So you’re saying that we cannot transition from live exports even though the market is diminishing and do what New Zealand did and have more employment on shore - are you saying that is not possible?

Minister Littleproud: “Well it is definitely a possibility but we’ve got to be pragmatic and understand that there are nations around the world that don’t have the cold storage facilities that we do; that need to take live animals to feed their nations. That will transition as time goes on but at this stage that’s decades away and we have to understand that’s a marketplace that will be filled - it will be filled by us or by someone else.”

A matter as serious as thousands of jobs and $250 million in exports deserve more than misleading editing.

Background: The independent regulator, the Department of Agriculture, is indeed independent. Despite being housed in the Department, it has an independent role the same as the ACCC or ASIC. The Minister cannot order or command the independent regulator and its investigations and actions are decisions for it.

10 May 2018