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Militant conglomerate to wreak havoc from today

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27 March 2018

Militant Conglomerate to wreak havoc from today

With the new CFMEU-MUA-TCFUA militant conglomerate coming into effect from today, former Employment Minister Eric Abetz has warned that the new super-union will wreak havoc.

The new conglomerate is estimated to have a combined assets base of $310 million with a revenue of $140 million.

“This new militant conglomerate brings together the most militant unions in Australia that have a long record of law-breaking and it’s clear that they will wreak havoc through the Australian economy,” Senator Abetz said.

“Given the countless examples of courts and tribunals finding that the penalties for the litany of law-breaking aren’t enough, it is clear that this merger is not in the public interest nor the interests of workers.”

“I am disappointed that the legislation that would have forced a proper consideration of this issue was not progressed. It is of great concern to me that we’ve sent a clear message through the economy that we are not prepared to take a strong stand against the kinds of criminality and thuggery that could stem from this merger.”

“While it is now too late for any legislation to have an impact, I am hopeful that the Government will watch this dangerous development closely and ensure that the courts have strong tools in their toolbox to stop the law-breaking culture of this coming together,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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