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Same sex marriage result welcomed

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Wednesday, November 15 2017


The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has welcomed today’s announcement of the postal ballot results regarding same sex marriage.

In Gippsland 60.2% voted yes and 39.8% voted no. The local result was similar to the national response, which was 61.6% yes and 38.4% no.

Mr Chester said the results in Gippsland and across the nation had supported his view that Australians were keen to have their say on the important social reform.

“The high voter turnout is a good indication that Gippslanders and Australians across the board were keen to express their views on the issue of same sex marriage,” Mr Chester said.

“Now we have a result and the clear majority of Australians are supportive of change, it is up to the parliament to legislate in a way which respects the community’s view.

“Interestingly, across Australia, the overwhelming majority of regional seats voted ‘yes’ which is a positive reflection on how our communities are much more inclusive than political commentators often suggest.

“I believe there needs to be reasonable protection for religious freedoms, but at the same time we have to acknowledge a clear majority of Australians have voted in favour of reform.”

Mr Chester congratulated Gippslanders for the constructive and respectful manner in which they participated in this debate.

“Obviously there are strongly held views on both sides of this issue but the vast majority of people have participated in this discussion in a respectful manner,” Mr Chester said.

“It is important we continue to demonstrate that respect for each other’s differing opinions on this topic and make this a uniting movement in our nation’s history rather than a divisive one.

“I’m looking forward to resolving the issue in the parliament and continuing to focus on a wide range of other issues of great importance to our community.”