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Government must lower energy prices and support manufacturing

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Media Release

13 November 2017

Government must lower energy prices and support manufacturing

One Nation leader and Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has called on the Senate to acknowledge the need to restore the international competitiveness of Australian manufacturing by reducing electricity prices.

“It is a disgrace that each year 22,000 Queensland households have their electricity disconnected for failure to pay, that is a shocking 430 households a week. These electricity bills should never have been so high in the first place,” Senator Hanson said speaking before the Senate on her matter of public urgency.

“Agricultural businesses also use huge amounts of electricity to irrigate and keep produce cool. Farmers have repeatedly shared their concerns about electricity prices with the Queensland Labor Government but they have been ignored.”

“There is no point in the Government bragging about free trade agreements that open up markets if electricity prices mean Australian products and produce are too expensive to be sold in these newly opened markets.”

“Electricity which costs more than $45 a megawatt hour, including transmission and distribution, makes Australian manufacturing uncompetitive.”

In her speech Senator Hanson outlined a number of ways electricity prices could be brought under control, including:

• Build a new coal fired power station in Queensland to ensure we generate electricity at a globally competitive price.

• Write-off billions of dollars spent on gold plating the Queensland transmission network which will immediately drop electricity prices.

• Negotiate the removal of the GST from electricity bill.

• End excessive margins made by energy retailers

Senator Hanson’s matter of public urgency was agreed to by the Senate.

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