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Blood of future generations on the PM's hands if he builds new coal-fired power station

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Media release:

Blood of future generations on the PM’s hands if he builds new coal-fired power station

Responding to reports that the Turnbull government may bankroll a new coal-fired power station in Queensland, Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that if Malcolm Turnbull uses scarce public money to build a new coal-fired power station, he will have the blood of future generations on his hands.

“Building a new coal fired power station now is like knowing cigarettes cause cancer but starting your kids on a pack a day, or knowing asbestos kills but building your family home with it anyway,” Mr. Bandt said.

“The more coal we burn, the more intense extreme weather events like Cyclone Debbie will be. People will suffer.

“Matt Canavan, who hails from the state that this cyclone is hitting, is calling this ‘an investment’ when it’s just a straight-out subsidy for aging and dangerous technology. This is a reprehensible move that takes money from schools and hospitals to prop up a declining industry that’s threatening our way of life.”

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