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Aero "CARE" con: Katter raises airport workers' poor pay and conditions in Question Time

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Aero “CARE” con: Katter raises airport workers’ poor pay and conditions in Question Time

27 March 2017: Following revelations by the TWU and ABC’s 7:30 showing examples of poor worker pay and conditions by aviation contractor Aerocare, KAP Member for Kennedy asked the Minister for Employment what the Government is doing about Australian workers’ pay and conditions.

Mr Katter was troubled by footage last week of Aerocare employees working as baggage handlers in Sydney Airport, sleeping beside carousels, on concrete floors among rat droppings and rubbish to work the split shifts. Split shifts can be as little as three hours, so employees can sometimes spend up to 15 hours at the airport for only six or nine hours work.

Mr Katter also mentioned the effect of 457 Visas on industry and the large number of construction deaths in recent months.

Mr Katter’s Question is as follows:

To the Minister for Employment: The LNP issued 35,000 457 visas. The ALP made it 165,000.

Meat processing giant, AMH protested their competitors paying 457s 30% below the award.

TWU revelations showed Sydney airport workers, rostered on 3hr continuous shifts, sleeping next to baggage carousels on dirty concrete floors abounding with rat droppings, dirt and mites.

In 6 months 12 deaths on construction sites.

Government’s only reaction??

Attacks upon the protective bulwarks the CFMEU.

Surely Government’s time’d be better spent targeting CEO’s obscene pay levels, instead of pay and conditions for hard working Australians?

Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Leader

It's the principle of it Member for Kennedy