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ABC Chairman must keep Ultimo in check

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27 March 2017

ABC Chairman must keep Ultimo in check

Comments from the incoming ABC Chairman that there is no bias at the ABC are disappointing especially considering the widespread evidence including, just in the last six months:

 The ABC’s own Editorial Head conceding that the ABC “didn’t do a good enough job” on not covering Keysar Trad’s comments condoning domestic violence. This followed MediaWatch exposing that the ABC gave basically no coverage of the issue;

 Former MediaWatch host Jonathon Holmes writing a scathing opinion piece pointing out the left wing bias of elements within the ABC and laying out the challenges for ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie to deal with the problem;

 Former Prime Minister Paul Keating saying that the ABC is “letting Australia down” and the list goes on.

“When even the ABC’s Editorial Head can admit that the ABC got it wrong yet can’t explain why every single programme and outlet at the ABC chose not to cover a story, clearly there is a cultural issue that needs to be addressed,” Senator Abetz said.

“Previously the ABC has reported Israel had been guilty of war crimes and when found to be untrue, simply posted a website correction. Further, the ABC’s coverage of forestry issues has been found wanting as has the coverage of the marriage debate.”

“It seems for those of us who are pro-Israel, pro-marriage, pro-forestry and anti-domestic violence then the ABC isn’t ‘ours’.”

“Clearly it is the role of the Chairman to keep the ABC on the straight and narrow and I am hopeful that despite Mr Milne’s prejudgement, that he will tackle the bias within the organisation.”

“Australian taxpayers who fund the ABC with over $1 billion of their hard earned taxes deserve better,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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