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Hinch secures fairer childcare deal

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Senator D. Hinch

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party - Senator for Victoria


24 March, 2017

HINCH SECURES FAIRER CHILDCARE DEAL In a late night Senate sitting, Senator Derryn Hinch got the Government to change its childcare legislation, so families earning more than $350,000 per year will no longer be entitled to taxpayer rebates for childcare.

“The Government was very happy to put forward a raft of cuts for Australia’s poorest families, but was still going to allow taxpayer funded childcare rebates for Australia’s richest families. It was madness.”

Senator Hinch put up an amendment to the childcare package, which passed with Government support, which means only families earning less than $350,000 per year will be entitled to childcare rebates.

“I would have been happy to make the cut off point even lower, but this was the compromise I managed to reach with the Government and it’s far better than the starting point,” Senator Hinch said.

“I was shocked that Labor and the Greens - who spent hours yesterday boasting how they were the champions of the Aussie battler - wouldn’t vote for an amendment that would stop taxpayers’ dollars going into the pockets of families on half a million dollars a year. On that sort of money you don’t need, and should not get, taxpayer dollars for childcare.”

The amended childcare reform package passed the Senate late last night with Senator Hinch’s help, and will see about a million Australian families get more government support.

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