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London attacks: visa ban is needed now

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LONDON ATTACKS: Visa ban is needed now 23 March 2017: It is reported that a suspected Islamist terrorists has killed four people and injured 40 in London today. KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter repeats his calls for a visa ban on people from the countries between Greece and India and North Africa exempting of course persecuted minorities - the Sikhs, Jews and Christians.

“Europe is having a serious terrorist attack every week. Australia is having them once every three or four weeks. Whist certainly not all people from the Middle East are like this, it is unfortunately true and real that all of these attacks are coming from people from these areas who have extreme ideologies,” said Mr Katter.

Mr Katter said it’s not a ‘Muslim problem’, “There are no such attacks in Albania, Malaysia or Indonesia (all Muslim countries)”.

“But no intelligent person can argue that this is not coming from Islamic extremists.

“There should be no visa issued to anyone from these areas unless of course they are persecuted minorities - the Sikhs, Jews and Christians.

“After all, if you have a choice of who comes to the country, should it be the persecuted?

“I say to the majors ALP and LNP all the attacks and red-herrings and the brutalising yet again on Hanson will not change the reality that you are ‘Merkel-ising’ Australia and that our citizens will continue to be murdered to advance your party political ambitions.

“And believe me, there are many in both your parties that agree strongly with me but they don’t have enough concern for their fellow Australians and lack the courage and patriotism required to speak out.”


Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Leader

It's the principle of it Member for Kennedy