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Nation deeply divided by Howard, world divided by Bush.

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Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania

Friday, 21 March 2003

Nation Deeply Divided by Howard, World Divided by Bush

As bombs fall on Basra and Bagdad, today's Morgan poll shows a deeply divided nation, Greens Senator Bob Brown has said today.

"Mr Howard has created the deepest split of our country since the 1970s. President Bush has divided the world," Senator Brown said.

"Unlike New Zealand, Canada and Germany our nation has been divided by its leadership.

"Mr Howard's involvement of Australian troops in Iraq presents Australia with weeks of unnecessary division, demonstration and heartache.

"Yesterday's protests against the war around the country and world highlight the alternative view that the United Nations presence in Iraq was the better option.

"The hope must be that the war will be short and swiftly remove Saddam Hussein. Every Iraqi who falls before Saddam Hussein is a failure for the attack," Senator Brown said.

"Our one point of unity is heartfelt support for our loyal Australian defence force personnel in Iraq.

Senator Brown again called for peaceful protests after an overnight attack yesterday on the Greens' office in Goulburn which smashed two large plate glass windows.

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