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Labor's light on reality.

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Labor’s Light On Reality Thursday, June 11, 2009

Source: Senator Barnaby Joyce

It is interesting to see that the only form of Australian labour associated with the solar panel industry is been knocked on the head by Mr Rudd with the closure of the solar panel rebate. The Australian crews that installed solar panels are dealing with the reality that government is running out of the capacity to borrow more money as all our cash has gone, said Senator Barnaby Joyce, the Leader of the Nationals in the Senate.

“Where these solar panels were manufactured is part of the myth of the so-called Australian green jobs that are going to replace the coal industry and, after 2015, the agricultural industry job losses,” Senator Joyce said. “Almost exclusively the solar appliances are made overseas. In reality we are stimulating the photovoltaic industry in China and Europe. How does this

make our economy get bigger or greener?

“If we do not increase the size of the economy how do we repay the debt? Do we unbolt the panels and send them back? Do we pull the iron off the roof, dust off the mouse and rat dirt and send the insulation batts back? Do we put the plasma screens back in their boxes and take the $900 cheques back out of bank accounts? It is a mad economic horror story which is

amply displayed on the nation’s credit card.

“This is chapter and verse of Mr Rudd’s loopy economics. We borrow money off people from overseas to buy products off people from overseas and later to pay the interest and principle back to overseas. The goods have no resale value, do nothing to help the Australian economy in the long term but we do take our Nation one step closer to the international bailiff who will change the locks on our nation’s doors.

“At the same time we are devising an ETS to put out of business those people who deliver the only opportunity to bring the books back into balance. For those paid by public funds, we ask how long can a government that carries on like this afford you?” How big do you think the debt can get before they can longer afford to borrow to pay your wages?”