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Howard won't answer questions from youth.

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Nicola Roxon MP Shadow Minister for Children and Youth Shadow Minister for Women

Howard Won’t Answer Questions from Youth

Revelations that the ABC’s Fly TV channel had to be axed after the Federal Government refused to provide adequate funding for the ABC has left the Talkback Classroom without a broadcast audience, when its next guest is none other than the Prime Minister. M


The Talkback Classroom has been running for over 5 years, providing an opportunity for young Australians to grill Ministers over the impact of Government policies on them.

“Most disturbing is that this cut will affect the successful Talkback Classroom, where Australian kids get to ask politicians about issues that affect their daily life.”

“The last Minister to be interviewed was Brendan Nelson, the Education Minister, who was stumped into admitting that he would not have paid $135,000 for his medical degree, despite proposing that students should pay that amount for a degree now, following a question from a Year 10 interviewer.

“Young Australians already feel that they don’t get enough answers from the Government - allowing Fly TV to be cut has just widened the gap further.

“I sincerely hope that the Government hasn’t gotten its nose out of joint about the tough questioning from the nation’s students.

“Perhaps Nelson is embarrassed about being the dunce of the talkback classroom?

“I note that the next Minister to be interviewed is John Howard - perhaps he wanted the program cut, before he had to answer the tough questions?”

27 May 2003

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