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Turnbull Government must re-imagine Bali process so that it protects rather than breaks people seeking asylum

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SAVE THE CHILDREN Tuesday 22nd March, 2016

Turnbull Government must re-imagine Bali Process so that it protects rather than breaks people seeking asylum

A high-level task-force led by Australia and Indonesia meant to prevent people trafficking and migration by sea in south-east Asia is instead breaking asylum seekers whom have risked everything to seek safety from war, conflict and persecution, warns Save the Children.

The warning comes on the eve of a high-level conference co-chaired by Australia involving 45 countries and UN agencies that since 2002 has so far failed to adequately protect people, prevent people trafficking and irregular migration by sea in south-east Asia.

Save *ö*Z*****Z*]*o***Ã¥***v*[*ê***K*W***µ*o*Z*}*v***o***ê**ê***]***U *^d*Z****ê*} -called Bali process co-chaired by Australia and Indonesia since 2002 has failed to deal with the global challenge of forced migration or fully curb the abhorrent trade in people smuggling that has taken advantage of thousands of people who have risked everything to flee war and persecution. Instead of an Asia Pacific wide solution that seeks to protect asylum seekers and provide safe pathways for those in need, Australia has served its own self-interest and left people seeking asylum in limbo in Nauru and WE'*X*_

These are urgent priorities that require national and regional leadership. **ö**ö*}*u*}*Ã¥*Ã¥*}*¡*[*ê**u*****ö*]*v*P**]*v*****o*]*U*^***¿*** the Children wants Foreign Minister Bishop to prioritise the protection of people and not just borders. This requires:

 **µ*ê*ö*Ã¥***o*]***[*ê**Z*µ*u***v*]*ö***Ã¥*]***v**]*v*ö***l****ö*}**Ã¥*]*ê****]*u*u*****]***ö***o*«**ö*}**Ó*Ï*U*Ï*Ï*Ï****v****ö*Z***v**ö*}**Ô*Ï*U*Ï*Ï*Ï**¡*]*ö*Z*]*v**ö*Z*Ã¥***** years, with additional places reserved for refugees awaiting resettlement in the Asia-Pacific region  Reg

ional refugee protection hubs to allow orderly and efficient processing of asylum seekers  Substantial increased Australian aid of $885 million over four years for UNCHR and additional funding for other agencies providing essential services to those in need of protection

Notes to editor Out of the 60 million people forcibly displaced from their homes, the Asia Pacific region is home to some 7.7 million (more than 12 per cent), including 3.5 million refugees, 1.9 million IDPs and 1.4 million stateless people (UNHCR).

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