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Government's Cambodia deal an expensive failure

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Tuesday 7 March 2016

Government’s Cambodia deal an expensive failure

The return of two refugees transferred from Nauru to Cambodia is a further indicator that that Turnbull government’s resettlement program is an expensive failure.

‘For this couple, who have been recognised as refugees, to be pushed to the point where they feel their only option is to return home at considerable risk to their safety, demonstrates just how bad conditions for people are in Nauru and Cambodia,’ the Greens immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said.

‘The $55 million spent bribing the Cambodian government to take only five refugees, three of whom have now left, has been a blatant waste of tax-payers money. The Turnbull government’s response to the global refugee crisis is clearly not working.’

‘The failure of the Cambodia deal is further evidence that the Turnbull government has no Exit Strategy to get out of this offshore detention mess.’

‘The Greens want to see a fair and efficient regional system put in place to process people’s claims for asylum quickly and efficiently and bring them here safely, with considerable less expense.’ Media Contact: Katie Robertson 0427 604 760