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Eligo National Taskforce nets more than 320kg of methamphetamine in Perth

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Eligo National Taskforce nets more than 320kg of

methamphetamine in Perth

10 September 2015

Joint media release

The Hon Michael Keenan MP

Minister for Justice

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Counter Terrorism

The Hon Liza Harvey MP

Western Australia Minister for Police,

Tourism, Road Safety and Women's Interests

Australian law enforcement officers continue to crack down on Australia's insidious ice market and the criminal

syndicates who peddle this mind destroying drug, seizing a record 320kg of crystal methamphetamine from Perth


Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and WA Minister for Police Liza Harvey today congratulated the Australian

Crime Commission (ACC)-led Eligo National Task Force and the Western Australia Police (WAPOL) on the

largest seizure of methamphetamine in Western Australia to date.

Yesterday WA Police Organised Crime Squad detectives and ACC Perth agents executed search warrants in

Canning Vale and Perth's CBD, seizing an estimated 320kg of methamphetamine and $1.4 million in cash—

resulting in the arrest of four people.

Sadly, in Western Australia and across our nation, the growing addiction to this mind-eating, personality-

distorting, life ending drug is paying huge dividends to the depraved criminal syndicated that profit from its


This insidious drug is destroying lives; it causes family violence, puts nurses, doctors, ambulance officers and

police at risk—makes hospital emergency wards a dangerous place and fuels crimes.

This latest seizure is an excellent example of the unprecedented cooperation between Commonwealth agencies

and WA Police to combat the ice scourge. The operation has removed 3.2 million hits of crystal

methamphetamine from Perth streets and had an estimated street value of $320 million.

This cooperation is something that the Commonwealth Government has been keen to foster, and we have done

so through:

The roll out of the National Anti-Gangs Squad nationally and here in Western Australia with a dedicated WA

strike team. Since the WA Strike Team was established in July last year it has worked with the WA Police

Gang Crime Squad to seize more than 46kg of methamphetamine and more than $1.6 million in cash.

$88 million investment at our borders resulting in significant border detections, national seizures and

arrests which again highlights the continued focus by law enforcement agencies on the response.

Despite record seizures, as long as there is demand, there will be supply and organised criminals will continue to

exploit Australia's appetite for this drug.

That is why tackling the ice scourge is not solely an issue for law enforcement—it is for everyone—governments,

law enforcement, agencies, health, education, industry, non-government organisations, community leaders,

parents, colleagues, teachers, peers and the addicts themselves.

The National Ice Taskforce is in the process of completing its final report to Government ahead of consideration

by COAG before the end of the year.

That report will inform further work across law enforcement, health and education to tackle this scourge and will

complement our existing efforts.

Operations such as this undermine the business models of criminal gangs—but there is still work to be done.

The Australian Government and the West Australian Government are committed to do everything possible in the

fight against this insidious drug.

The Eligo Taskforce includes the ACC, AUSTRAC, AFP, along with the ABF and State and Territory law

enforcement and Commonwealth partner agencies.