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TPP is a Trojan horse for taking power from the people

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Media Statement Attn: News Editors/Chiefs of Staff Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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Hon Melissa Parke Federal Labor Member for Fremantle

Federal Member for Fremantle, Hon Melissa Parke, today condemned the Turnbull Government and its Trade Minister Andrew Robb for last night agreeing to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

“This dirty deal has been done in secret to the great benefit of multinational corporations and to the potentially enormous detriment of Australia’s patients, consumers, workers and the environment,” said Ms Parke.

“The full text of the TPP has not been released but we do know that the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause remains. This will allow foreign corporations to sue the Australian government for laws, policies or court decisions that impact upon their profits.”

“Already, Philip Morris is using an ISDS clause within a little known Hong Kong-Australia FTA to sue our country for the tobacco plain-packaging laws that were passed with bi-partisan support in the national parliament and upheld by the High Court of Australia.”

“The TPP is being sold as a trade agreement that will reduce tariffs and gain access for farmers to markets but in truth, the TPP is primarily about control of the regulatory framework of countries for the benefit of multinational corporations, who have been party to the negotiations on the TPP.”

“The greatest impact will be on things like internet freedom, the cost of medicines - not only here in Australia but also for the poorest people in the world, tobacco and alcohol control policies, food labelling, labour rights & safety, human rights, environmental standards, and indeed any area that might be regulated, such as cracking down on multinational tax avoidance.”

“The TPP, a so-called free- trade agreement, stands to undermine the high-quality social, economic, health, workforce and environmental standards that countries like Australia have painstakingly established. The community is entitled to know and to have a say about what the government is signing us up to.”

“The Australian public deserves to see just exactly what the minister has signed our country up to and I call on him to release the TPP and its full text.”

TPP is a Trojan Horse for Taking Power from the People