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Family First directed to remove RU486 video blog.

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MEDIA RELEASE SF/37. Thursday February 23, 2006


The President of the Senate has today directed Family First to remove its RU486 video blog from Senator Fielding's website.

The video blog features a sign in a Parliament House corridor saying "RU486 drinks". The drinks were hosted by the four senators who co-sponsored the abortion drug Bill.

The President, Senator Calvert, wrote to Senator Fielding saying a complaint had been received about Family First's video blog and directed that it be removed. Senator Calvert advised that "the corridors are regarded as 'private areas' of Parliament House and filming is not permitted in these areas without the express permission of the relevant presiding officer."

Senator Fielding has today spoken to the President about the original "RU486 drinks" sign, and the President has confirmed it was unauthorised and illegal.

The President told Senator Fielding he would launch an investigation into the matter of the "RU486 drinks" sign.

Family First welcomes the President's statement that he will investigate the issue.

Senator Fielding filmed a sign in the corridor saying "RU486 drinks", following the vote hosted by the four senators who co-sponsored the abortion drug.

Senator Fielding filmed his video blog about the "RU486 drinks" sign because he was appalled that the female senators who co-sponsored the bill were hosting a champagne victory party following a vote on such a sensitive issue.

The vast majority of senators, even those who supported the legislation, expressed dismay that there were too many abortions in Australia and wanted the number reduced.

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