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Gillard's 'Hansonism' fig leaf fails to hide the truth

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Andrew Robb, MP 

Shadow Minister for Finance, Deregulation and Debt Reduction  Member for Goldstein 


Gillard's 'Hansonism' Fig Leaf Fails to Hide the Truth


Julia Gillard’s juvenile attempt to frame the Coalition’s approach to economic reform with her ‘Hansonism’ nonsense is a fig leaf which fails to hide the prime minister’s idea of reform - tax, spend, borrow and snipe.

Shadow Minister for Finance Andrew Robb said: “The best retort to Ms Gillard’s barbs is to quote Gough Whitlam: ‘If you stop telling lies about me, I’ll stop telling the truth about you’.

“Julia Gillard is a very, very late convert to talking about reform and productivity and considering her record the words ring hollow.

“The Prime Minister will be judged, not by her rhetoric, but by her track record and her actions. And quite frankly, the biggest attacks on the post-1983 reform consensus she cites have been the very actions of the Rudd-Gillard Government,” Mr Robb said.

“In the last three years we have seen the biggest growth of government in our lives since Whitlam. We were the only country to re-regulate its labour market during a global financial crisis. We are also the only country I know which is re-nationalising

its telecommunications sector based on a few back-of-the envelope scribbles.

“We have seen this government attack employee share ownership, make a failed attempt to establish a new government bank, ‘Ruddbank’ and seek to undermine private health insurance. On top of that they have squandered the resilience it inherited from the Coalition by turning a massive surplus into a massive debt,” Mr Robb said.

“Julia Gillard likes to talk about reform, yet conveniently forgets the ‘gang of four’s’ laughable and timid response to the Henry tax review; cherry picking a big new tax out of 138 recommendations and ignoring the many genuine reforms put forward.

“I also remind Ms Gillard of the fact that she opposed every key economic reform put forward by the Howard Government, which helped build that very economic resilience that Labor inherited.

“This latest outburst is clearly a naked diversion out of the all too predictable Hawker-Britton play-book, aimed at deflecting attention away from Labor’s continuing collapse in public support, which ironically stems from its lack of a genuine reform agenda,” Mr Robb said.