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Senate gives Gillard & Swan second chance on mining tax info: next stop Information Commissioner

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Senator Mathias Cormann  Shadow Assistant Treasurer 

Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation  Liberal Senator for Western Australia 

Senate gives Gillard & Swan second chance on mining tax info: Next stop Information Commissioner


The Gillard government has again been ordered by the Senate to release information about its $10.5 billion mining tax, which so far has been kept secret.

If the government fails to deliver the information by lunchtime this Thursday, the Information Commissioner has been asked to arbitrate on its release by 15 November 2010.

Ever since Julia Gillard entered into her secret mining tax deal she has done everything she can to keep the detail behind the deal secret.

She doesn't want people to be able to scrutinise the impact of her deal on the budget, the economy, jobs and investment in the mining industry or on States like Western Australia and Queensland.

Every little bit of information which does get out has exposed this tax as the dog's breakfast it is.

No wonder she doesn't want any more secret information to get out there.

Julia Gillard's claims of more openness and transparency in government are clearly in tatters.

Its handling of the mining tax has exposed the Gillard government as a secretive government.

Today the Senate gave Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan a second chance.

They should release the information the Senate wants by lunchtime this Thursday.

The Senate again ordered the government to release the commodity price, production volume and exchange rate assumptions it has used to estimate the revenue from the new mining tax.

This is information which the State government in Western Australia publishes as a matter of course in its budget papers, yet the secretive Gillard government is treating it like a State secret.

Commodity price and other assumptions published by the WA State government are also based on information obtained from relevant mining companies.

There is no proper reason for the Gillard Labor government not to do likewise.