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Where has Sid been on cancer services?

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Senator Stephen Parry Garry Carpenter

Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate Federal Liberal Candidate for Braddon

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Liberal, Tasmania

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Where has Sid been on cancer services?

BRADDON Labor MP Sid Sidebottom must account for Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s North-West cancer services bombshell, Liberal Senator Stephen Parry and Braddon Liberal candidate Garry Carpenter said today.

“Ms Gillard put the Tasmanian Labor-Green Government in the gun on Friday when she revealed it had failed to lodge a funding submission for North-West radiotherapy services,” Senator Parry said.

“But equally Ms Gillard’s revelation poses some tough questions for the local Labor MP.

“Not forgetting that Mr Sidebottom broke a 2007 election promise to provide radiotherapy services on the Coast, Braddon voters should now be asking:

• What action did Mr Sidebottom take to ensure that the Tasmanian Government was making a submission for regional cancer centre funding?

• When did Mr Sidebottom know the Tasmanian Government had failed to make a funding submission?

• What action did Mr Sidebottom take when he became aware of the lack of a funding submission?

“If Ms Gillard’s comment on Friday was news to Mr Sidebottom, then North-West Coasters concerned about cancer services will rightly question why he has not been more across this issue, particularly in light of his broken promise of 2007,” Mr Carpenter said.

“On the other hand, if Mr Sidebottom did have advance notice of the Tasmanian Government’s failure to make a funding submission, he should be explaining what action he took to remedy this situation.


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“In either case, Mr Sidebottom should explain what action he took to encourage the State Government to pursue funding for North-West radiotherapy services in the first place.

“Mr Sidebottom promised cancer services in 2007 and did not deliver; and he has shown little interest in fighting for cancer services in 2010.

“Along with the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team, I will stand up for the community and fight for North-West cancer services.”



For further information, contact Anthony Haneveer (Senator Parry) - 0400 992 928